City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for the administration duties for the City of Pratt. This office is appointed by the Pratt City Commission and the person to hold this office is chosen solely on the basis of administrative abilities. The choice for City Manager isn't limited by any residence qualifications.


The duties of the City Manager are as follows:

  • Appoints and removes all heads of departments and all subordinate officers and employees of the city, all such appointments are to be made upon merit and fitness alone
  • Countersigns all warrants and combined warrant checks issued by the director of finance
  • Has a seat, but not a vote, in all of the public meetings of the City of Pratt
  • May make recommendations to the commissioners on all matters concerning the welfare of the city
  • Prepares and submits the annual budget to the governing body and also keeps the city fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the city
  • See that the laws and ordinances are enforced
  • Will be responsible for the discipline of all appointive officers, and may, without notice, cause the affairs of any department or the conduct of any officer or employee to be examined
  • Will perform other duties that may be required by laws or ordinances