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   City of Pratt Sanitation
Department Head
Lonnie Wright

The City of Pratt Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of refuse in the city. The following items are a list of the sanitation department's responsibilities, rules and regulations:

  1. Refuse cannot be collected from or transported within the city limits by any person or corporation that isn't authorized by the city to do so.
  2. The City of Pratt must provide for the collection of compost and hazardous waste within the city.
  3. The governing body of the city will make and publish regulations governing the collection and disposal of solid waste.
  4. The governing body of the city must also set forth requirements for furnishing of containers by householders and provide for classification/collection of refuse.
  5. The city’s sanitation department will be responsible for enforcing and carrying out all regulations and requirements as established by the governing body of the City of Pratt

Rates for 2017 - TRASH & LANDFILL - City of Pratt, Kansas

Residential Units Cost Landfill Rate Trash Rate
1 thru 5 12.71 5.99 6.72
6 thru 10 12.43 5.99 6.44
11 thru 20 12.14 5.99 6.15
21 thru 30 11.86 5.99 5.87
31 thru 40 11.28 5.99 5.29
41 thru 50 10.99 5.99 5.00
51 & up 10.71 5.99 4.72
1/2017 - Trash rates increased - Ord. 1416
Times Picked Up Per Week
  1 2 3 4 5 6
90 gal. 15.64 23.58 31.83 43.64 49.52 62.29
  8.81T-6.83L 13.15T-10.43L 17.89T-13.94L 24380T-19.26L 27.81T-21.72L 34.77T-27.52L
1 cu. yd. 35.97 67.52 96.97 128.50 158.57 190.19
  20.25T-15.72L 37.74T-29.78L 54.62T-42.35L 72.37T-56.13L 89.28T-69.29L 111.23T-78.96L
2 cu. yd. 46.87 84.67 122.02 158.56 197.47 236.48
  26.41T-20.46L 46.62T-38.05L 68.75T-53.28L 89.37T-69.19L 111.20T-86.27L 138.29T-98.19L
3 cu. yd. 59.25 103.15 146.78 190.97 234.56 278.27
  33.36T-25.89L 58.09T-45.06L 82.67T-64.11L 107.56T-83.42L 132.09T-102.47L 162.74T-115.43L
4 cu. yd. 69.86 120.25 170.35 220.44 272.31 324.32
  39.36T-30.50L 67.71T-52.54L 95.92T-74.43L 124.14T-96.30L 153.36T-118.95L 189.67T-134.65L
6 cu. yd. 93.14 155.62 220.16 282.94 347.19 450.25
  52.44T-40.70L 87.694T-67.98L 123.99T-96.17L 19.32T-123.91L 195.53T-151.65L 250.73T-199.52L
8 cu. yd. 114.65 191.29 275.60 345.12 421.77 524.81
  64.57T-50.08L 107.73T-83.56L 151.04T-124.56L 194.38T-150.74L 237.55T-184.22L 292.74T-232.07L
Outside City Limits: 20.47 Per Month (10.64T - 9.83L)
Minimum Charge for 1st Half Hour for Special Pickup: 22.97
Special Containers (each dumping): 28.70
Minimum Charge for Dumping a Private Container: 28.70
Compost Carts Per Month: 7.04
1/2017-Ord. 1416 (Trash next 5 yrs)


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Pratt News
The Main Street bricks that have been stockpiled north of the College in the Business Park are now available to the General Public. The bricks are for use by the citizens of Pratt County only. Bricks shall be loaded by hand, not by loaders or large equipment, to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to acquire their share of the bricks for their own use. Contractors and other Cities are not permitted access to the bricks for any reason.


The City of Pratt would like anyone who has sewer drain problems on the lowest floor of your home to call the City crews first before calling a plumber. City crews will check the sewer mains to determine if the problem is in the main or in your private line at no charge. This may help avoid an unnecessary plumbing bill and prevent damage to your home. Please call 672-3191, 672-3866 or 672-3831 after hours.

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