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   City of Pratt Wastewater

Department Head
Jay Angood

The Wastewater Collection and Treatment system of the City of Pratt is a full-service utility system providing the collection and treatment of residential, commercial and industrial wastewater throughout the city.

There are approximately 38 miles of sewer main pipe and several hundred manholes to maintain in the City of Pratt. All sewage in the City is gravity fed to the plant without the use of any lift stations. The Pratt Airport has its own separate collection system with a lagoon treatment system that is also maintained by the City. The Wastewater Department, with the use of a high pressure water and vacuum truck, cleans the lines annually in the City.

The Wastewater plant was built in 1960. In 1989, a 1.3 million dollar rehabilitation was completed to meet the requirements of the new state issued permit. In 1999 more stringent E.P.A. and K.D.H.E. parameters for ammonia and nitrates were added to plant permit requirements. The Wastewater plant was upgraded to an (SBR) Sequencing Batch Reactor plant. Preliminary and primary treatment remained the same but secondary treatment was improved so ammonia and nitrates could be targeted with the treatment process. Chlorine gas was discontinued and a U.V. disinfection basin was added for bacteria treatment at the end of the plant process. The plant contributes approximately 750,000 gal / day of effluent to the Ninnescah River. Downstream is a County lake and State Fish Hatchery so it is important for the plant to meet the new criteria.

Rates for 2017 - SEWER RATES - City of Pratt, Kansas

Residential Minimum Monthly Charge:   9.20   1.92 Per 100 cf
After 1st 300 cf
Nonresidential Minimum Monthly Charge:   10.35   1.92 Per 100 cf
After 1st 300 cf
Mean Average:   14.93    
*** per Ord. 1311 (12/16/13) -
increase 2% for next 5 years ***


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Pratt News
The Main Street bricks that have been stockpiled north of the College in the Business Park are now available to the General Public. The bricks are for use by the citizens of Pratt County only. Bricks shall be loaded by hand, not by loaders or large equipment, to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to acquire their share of the bricks for their own use. Contractors and other Cities are not permitted access to the bricks for any reason.


The City of Pratt would like anyone who has sewer drain problems on the lowest floor of your home to call the City crews first before calling a plumber. City crews will check the sewer mains to determine if the problem is in the main or in your private line at no charge. This may help avoid an unnecessary plumbing bill and prevent damage to your home. Please call 672-3191, 672-3866 or 672-3831 after hours.

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