The City of Pratt has established a fire department that consists of a fire chief, City of Pratt Fire Department Engine 1assistant chief and as many firefighters as the City Manager deems necessary.

The members of the fire department are volunteers and will meet for the purpose of practicing drills when the Fire Chief requests it; provided that it's not more than once per week.

Fire Chief Duties

The Fire Chief is a position that is appointed by the City Manager. He or she will have the following duties:

  • At fires, he or she will have full power, control and command of all persons present and will direct the use of the fire equipment and command the firefighters to carry out their duties
  • Ensures that the fire equipment is ready for immediate use at all times
  • Has the right to summon any and all persons present to aid in extinguishing the fire or to aid in removing personal property from any building on fire or in danger
  • Submits a written report to the City Manager, once each year, as to the condition of the fire equipment
  • Supervises and is responsible for the care of all fire equipment
  • Takes all measures that he or she deems proper and necessary in the preservation and protection of property and extinguishing of fires
  • Will be responsible for the discipline of members and is given authority to suspend or expel any member for refusal to obey orders or for misconduct or failure to do his or her duty at a fire
  • Will be under the supervision of the City Manager

Assistant Chief

In the absence of the chief, the assistant fire chief performs all the duties and has all the same authorities and responsibilities of the chief.

Record of Fires

The fire chief keeps, in a convenient form, a complete record of all fires. He or she will also be able to provide this written documentation to the City Manager when it is requested. Such information includes:

  • Construction of the building
  • How extinguished
  • Members of department responding to the alarm
  • Occupancy
  • Owner
  • The time and location of the fire
  • Value and contents

Fire Prevention

It is also the duty of the Fire Chief to adopt reasonable measures for the prevention of fires. If he or she has reason to believe that the safety of life and property is an issue, the fire chief may enter any building, yard or premises in the city during reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection, as often as is necessary. Where dangerous, unsafe or hazardous conditions are found to exist, he or she will direct for the change, removal, better care or management of the issue by the citizen responsible, at their own expense.

Right of Way of Emergency Vehicle

All fire equipment and volunteers with red lights and sirens are given the exclusive right-of-way on any public street or thoroughfares in the City of Pratt while en route to any fire. No one is allowed to hinder their response to these situations.

Any person who interferes with the use of firefighting equipment or members of the fire department (except when otherwise directed by a police officer or the fire chief) will be in direct violation of city fire codes.

Property of Fire Department

No person or group will use any of the city fire equipment for personal use. Further, no one is allowed to borrow or keep any of the fire department's equipment or tools.

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