City Mapping

The City of Pratt has a growing library of information pertaining to the locations of both Utilities and Easements in the City of Pratt. The City utilizes AutoCAD Map 3D for its software allowing all material to be saved in many formats to accommodate both local citizens and possible future business. View the City of Pratt Zoning Map (PDF).

About the Mapping Program

Most City owned utilities, flood zones areas, are only part of the big mapping picture. An actual aerial photo of Pratt is used for the base of the mapping program. From there, a grid is established on the aerial photo with the use of Global Positioning System (GPS). When data cannot be visually verified from the photo, a GPS unit is used by going to a needed location. Once the location data is collected by the unit it is imported into the AutoCAD Map and placed on the established grid thus giving us a visual point.

Property Lines

All property lines on the City mapping are drawn from original plat's of the blocks. Properties boundaries that have changed since then in the City are not recorded or updated. Pratt County has similar mapping that will identify current property lines as it pertains to tax assessments.

Information Available to the General Public

Most information is available to general public for a small fee to cover materials cost depending on the size of the print or media requested. Most information request can be fulfilled within 2 or 3 days.

Map Accuracy

“What Our Lawyers Make Us Say”

The City of Pratt does not warrant or certify the accuracy of the maps, diagrams, boundaries, locations, measurements, or other information contained herein. Printed documents are intended as general information solely for the use of the staff and employees of the City of Pratt. No other person or entity should act in reliance on the information contained in published documents.