Wastewater Department

The Wastewater Collection and Treatment system of the City of Pratt is a full-service utility system providing the collection and treatment of residential, commercial and industrial wastewater throughout the city.

About the Waste Water System

There are approximately 38 miles of sewer main pipe and several hundred manholes to maintain in the City of Pratt. All sewage in the CWaste Water Treatment Facilityity is gravity fed to the plant without the use of any lift stations. The Pratt Airport has its own separate collection system with a lagoon treatment system that is also maintained by the City. The Wastewater Department, with the use of a high pressure water and vacuum truck, cleans the lines annually in the City.

Sewer Rates

Type of Charges
Monthly Fee Additional Fee After First 200 Cubic Feet
Residential $15.68 $2.12 per unit after first 3 units
$16.95 $2.12 per unit after first 3 units
Mean Average
$19.92 N/A