Building Board

The City of Pratt Building Board is comprised of five members who are actively engaged in various building crafts, appointed by the City Commission, to serve for a term of three years. The membership of such board shall be composed of one building contractor, one licensed plumber, one licensed electrician and two persons knowledgeable in the area of construction. The members shall serve without compensation.

 It shall be the duty of the board to act as a board of appeals in making a determination of any appeal arising from any decision or action of the Building Inspector. Unless otherwise provided, any decision of the Building Inspector may be appealed to the Building Board. Such appeal must be made within fifteen (15) days of the decision of the Building Inspector and the Building Board must hold a hearing on such appeal within thirty (30) days of the date of the appeal so as not to delay the project or cause undue cost or hardship.

The board shall determine what testing for licensing shall be given to persons who wish to be licensed for electricity, plumbing, mechanical and construction. The board shall review and make suggestions to the City Commission for the revisions and additions to the City's building, electric, plumbing and mechanical codes. Any decision of the Building Board may be appealed to the City Commission for final review and decision.

The Building Board members are:

Brian Gordon, Chairman
Dan Shumway, Vice-Chairman
Gary Thimesch
Chad Westhoff

  1. Building Board

    Physical Address
    619 S. Main
    Pratt, KS 67124


    Mailing Address
    PO BOX 807
    Pratt, KS 67124